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Halcyon Essentials uses medical grade, amber glass bottles to protect our products against UV light. UV light damages natural botanicals.

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New Technology. Stronger Formulations. Better Prices.

The truth is out – Hemp (cannabis sativa L) has medical value.

Science and medicine have only learned a fraction of how this plant helps the human body.  This early research is so promising that FDA has already approved a cannabidiol medicine called Epidiolex.  More hemp-based, FDA-approved drugs are on the way.

Studies prove that cannabidiol has powerful anti-inflammatory properties.  Inflammation is a marker of nearly every mammalian ailment.  Alzheimer’s, cancer, autoimmune diseases, and even simple pain are caused by different types of inflammation.  Halcyon Essentials is not making medical claims – we are simply reading and reporting the results of published, peer-reviewed medical studies.  They can be found at the National Institute of Health’s (NIH) website.

Halcyon Essentials develops and manufactures hemp extract rich food products.

We manufacture all our products, in our lab, under sterile conditions.  We use medical grade exacting equipment.  We source the highest quality raw materials.  A third party lab tests our raw materials and our finished products to confirm dosing accuracy.  We fill and seal our products in sterile hoods.

This attention to detail and product expertise allows Halcyon Essentials to develop and manufacture medical-grade, accurately-dosed, and consistent products.

Halcyon Essentials maintains quality control over our product’s entire development and manufacturing process.  There are only about 10 hemp extract companies that can truthfully make this claim.

If you currently use CBD, or are interested in trying it, you find that a Google search of ‘CBD products’ will serve you 1000s of results.  Everyone claims they have “the best quality at the best price.”

CBD has no psychoactive effects and the analgesic effects are subtle.  It’s like taking an aspirin.  You take it and everything should go to normal.  Generally, this is a good quality for a pain reliever, however; many unscrupulous companies claim their product contains CBD when there is none or significantly less than labeled.  An unknowing consumer would just think “CBD sucks” when they take the product with no result.  These scammers are bad for the whole hemp industry.

When you are in the market for hemp extract or CBD products, here are 2 easy questions you should ask the company:

1. Who makes your products? If they answer, “We do.” Ask to see pictures of their equipment with their people next to it.

2. Can I see lab results that prove this product is what you claim?

If they can’t quickly and confidently answer these questions, it would be wise to look for a reputable manufacturer.

One more tip:  Don’t get fooled by ‘white label’ hemp products.

“White labeling” is a process where a company will pay another company to make a product and put the paying companies label on it.  The manufacturers don’t really care how good the product is because it isn’t their name or reputation on it.  The company relabeling other people’s products either don’t know enough or doesn’t care enough to make their own product.  Either way, it’s not a risk worth taking when it comes to something that you are putting into your body.

Call or email Halcyon Essentials if you are interested in learning more about our hemp-extract products.



Wholesale and distributor pricing is available for retailers and distributors.  Please contact us if your establishment would like to offer the highest quality hemp extract products on the market.

Halcyon Essentials, hemp, hemp extract, cerebradiol, medical, georgia, atlanta
Halcyon essentials, georgia, hemp, cerebradiol, cbd, hemp extract, hemp tincture,

Halcyon Essentials uses medical grade, amber glass bottles to protect our products against UV light. UV light damages natural botanicals.

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