Lab-Tested, Medical Grade CBD

In Search of Reliably Dosed, Lab-Tested CBD and Hemp-Based Products

What are you doing for your well-being this year? Maybe you’re changing your diet and vowing to hit the gym a little more often. Maybe you’re finding more time for the things you like to do. And maybe, like more and more people, you’re trying out CBD products.

CBD products can be used to promote overall wellness. But you may not be able to count on just any products – inconsistencies in dosage and lack of quality-control are far too common in the CBD products world, and can leave customers disappointed. Some manufacturers don’t adhere to the highest standards. Some companies don’t have any say in the manufacturing process. Some companies simply stick their label on a product without verifying that each order is reliably dosed and lab-tested. But not us. At HalcyonTM Essentials, we do better than those CBD companies looking to cash in on the “green rush.” We know what matters in CBD products, and are dedicated to:

Consistent dosages – You wouldn’t want to use a product that has too much – or too little – of an active ingredient. That’s a surefire way to get an unexpected result, and you don’t need that. That’s why the dosage of the CBD product you choose is important. We pride ourselves on manufacturing reliably-dosed CBD and hemp-based products for people and pets. Reliably-dosed products do what they’re intended to do with each use. If CBD products that you can count on could make your life a little easier, check out our line of full-spectrum and THC-free CBD products.

Proper manufacturing – The hemp industry doesn’t mandate certain manufacturing protocols, like sterile manufacturing conditions using GMP and GLP and the use of medical and lab-grade equipment, but we do. We at HalcyonTM Essentials adhere to the highest standards of CBD product manufacturing in order to deliver quality, accurately-dosed products, every time. We know that how products are made is just as important as how they’re used, so whether you’re looking for a CBD cream, tincture, edible product or another type of CBD and hemp-based product, get one that is made with quality raw materials and the best manufacturing conditions.

Value – If you’re looking for CBD products to improve your well-being, value doesn’t hurt either. While unreliable products from unreliable manufacturers can end up being a waste of

time and money, the accurately-dosed, lab-tested range of products we sell online are made for customers who want the best CBD and hemp-based products.

At HalcyonTM Essentials, we put our experience in science and nutrition, and our expertise in the hemp manufacturing industry, to use by making CBD products our customers can trust. Learn more about CBD and hemp products on our FAQ page and contact us with your questions. If you’re in search of the best CBD and hemp-based products, order from HalcyonTM Essentials today.

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