Oils / Tinctures

Halcyon Essentials has developed and full line of high quality CBD oils and tinctures. We offer full spectrum hemp products that contain CBD, CBN, CBG, THC, and CBC. All of are CBD oils are lab-tested to ensure accurate dosing and product safety.

Our research and development team work everyday to bring you new and effective products. Our products are the best value on the market.

Once you use Halcyon Essentials, you won’t look for another CBD product.

  • 3000 mg CBD Tincture w/ THC – Full Spectrum

  • Halcyon Essentials, CBD Oil, Sleep CBD, Hemp oil, Full Spectrum CBD Oil, cannabinolHalcyon Essentials, CBD oil, CBN, Sleep CBD

    Full Spectrum CBN Sleep Tincture (w/ THC)

  • CBD Starter Kit (w/ THC)

  • CBD Starter kit

    CBD Starter Kit for Pets (No THC)

  • CBD Hemp Oil Tincture Trial

    750 mg CBD Tincture with THC

  • CBD Hemp Oil Tincture TrialBest Quality CBD Drops - Tincture 1500mg

    1500 mg CBD Tincture with THC

  • halcyon essentials CBD, Hemp, Full Spectrum, best CBD OilMost Effective CBD Drops 750mg - Tincture

    750 mg CBD Tincture (No THC)

  • Halcyon Essentials Best CBD Oils, Hemp oils, Full Spectrum CBD OilWhat are the Most Effective CBD Drops 1500mg - Tincture

    1500 mg CBD Tincture (No THC)