Halcyon Essentials has CBD pet products

Do y’all think that the best CBD manufacturer in the South forgot about our furry friends? Hell no we didn’t.

We know that dogs, cats, horses, pigs, raccoons, ferrets, monkeys, and even green tree frogs have endocannabinoid systems and suffer from the same problems people do. Except for rush hour traffic. They don’t have problems with traffic, but they have aches, pains, and anxiety.

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Message from the CEO:

Did you know that even sea cucumbers have an endocannabinoid system?

That means that CBD, CBN, CBG or THC would affect them. To be completely honest, I’ve never tried this or even met a live sea cucumber. I’ve seen one on TV and I’ve eaten one at a fancy Chinese restaurant.

But if CBD works on a sea cucumber, I wonder what it does to an animal that looks like an ocean sausage. Maybe it relaxes them and makes them limp like an old pickle.

Nature is fascinating.