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Halcyon Essentials

Halcyon Essentials is dedicated to evolving wellness for everyone by providing a variety of full spectrum CBD products to fit all lifestyles. When developing and manufacturing these CBD products, we combine science and nutrition to maximize the medicinal value of hemp extracts. Starting with the best raw materials and compounds, we produce the most accurately dosed hemp products on the market.

All of our CBD products are consistent in quality. full spectrum. lab tested. plant-based.

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CBD, or Cannabidiol, is a compound that is naturally produced by the hemp plant.  Hemp is a type of cannabis sativa that contains minuscule amounts of THC.  The 2018 U.S. Farm Bill made hemp cultivation legal in the United States. Our products formulated with THC follow appropriate guidelines and contain the legal limit of .3% or less.

From potency to quality, we know what’s in your CBD product is important. Results regarding each of our products are made available to provide complete transparency. 

As the 1st medical cannabis company in the south, it’s our mission to offer consistent top quality, full spectrum CBD!

“The cream worked so well on my hands. I play guitar and I have arthritis in finger joints. … Talking the drops now every day and swelling has come out of my ankles and knees!”
“Amazing customer service and high quality products!”
“This is by far the BEST CBD product I have found!!!”
Excellent products for those of us with epilepsy. Capsules are easy to carry with me at all times and allow consistent dosages.”
“This is the best that I’ve tried! I’m going to continue to order from them!”

“For about a month or so, I was having some pretty awful anxiety attacks at work.. I’ve been almost 100% anxiety free at work for 4 shifts now. I’m also super sensitive to medications, so most anxiety “fixes” from the Doc don’t exactly allow me to feel normal so I am really excited to find a natural fix. Thanks guys, keep it up!”

“Nicest folks work there, always helpful!”