About Halcyon Essentials

Halcyon Essentials is the first hemp extract product manufacturing company in the Southeastern United States.  Hemp extracts include cannabidiol, cannabigerol, cannabichromene, cannabinol, and many other cannabinoids. Unlike most “CBD companies”, We have been working with medical cannabis and hemp for over 20 years.  This experience allows us to develop products that actually do what they say they do.

In addition to this intimate knowledge of the medicinal value of hemp, we know science.  Our lead product developer studied Chemical Engineering at Georgia Tech.  Halcyon Essentials uses medical and lab grade equipment to ensure that our products are always accurately dosed and manufactured under sterile conditions following GMP and GLP.  The hemp industry does not require we follow these protocols.  We do it because we take pride in our product and want to deliver the closest thing to medicine that the FDA allows.

We understand that searching for “CBD products” can be overwhelming because the sheer number of products available.   Every company claims to have “the best” products or pricing.  Unfortunately, there are no industry standards or regulations to differentiate between reputable companies and those that are simply trying to profit from the “green rush.”

Our Mission:

Halcyon Essentials mission is to provide everyone access to consistent, reliably dosed, lab-tested hemp-based products that promote overall wellness.  Our team consists of experienced professionals from all backgrounds dedicated to creating the best products and services our industry has to offer.

What We Do:

Halcyon Essentials applies science to nutrition to develop hemp extract products that promote overall wellness.

Core Values:

Halcyon Essentials is built upon the values of integrity and professionalism.  Our team is dedicated to creating products that are accurately and consistently dosed, manufactured under sterile conditions, and are a good value for our customers.

About Cerebradiol

Cerebradiol™ is our proprietary complex that allows for more efficient absorption of the valuable compounds found in hemp extract.  Cerebradiol is designed to promote healthy brain and immune function by decreasing inflammation.

Overall wellness is achievable when the human brain and immune system are in sync with one another.

The Halcyon Essentials Difference

Halcyon Essentials is a Manufacturer.  We don’t use “White Label” Products.

Halcyon Essentials develops and manufactures our products starting from the raw materials to the finished product on the shelf.  We control all inputs and have every product lab tested to ensure our products’ consistency from batch to batch.  We compound, manufacture, and package all of our products in our own lab facilities.

What is “White Labeling”?

White labeling is when a retailer pays a manufacturer to make a product and slap their label on it.  White labeling is common in the hemp and CBD industry because a majority of the companies in this space don’t have the knowledge and resources to manufacture their own product.  White labeling is great for retailers who want  to create an illusion that they have manufacturing technology and capabilities.  But it is just that – an illusion.

Don’t Be Fooled by “White Labelers.”  Buy from the manufacturer and know you’re getting the best each time.

A white label product can be just as good as a manufacturer’s product if everything is done correctly.  However, most companies selling white label CBD products are simply trying profit from CBD’s growing popularity.  They don’t take the time to ensure their supplier is following good manufacturing processes.

How do you know if a product is white labeled?

Ask.  Ask how the products are manufactured.  Ask to see pictures of their manufacturing facility.  Ask to see lab results of the product.

A manufacturer who puts their brand name on a product is going to put the best product in bottle.  It simply isn’t worth buying a white labeled product when you can buy a consistent and superior product from the manufacturer.