About Halcyon Essentials

Our Mission:

Halcyon Essentials mission is to provide all people access to reliably dosed, lab-tested products that fortify the human endocannabinoid system.  Our team consists of experienced professionals from all backgrounds dedicated to creating the best products and services our industry has to offer.

What We Do:

Halcyon Essentials applies science to nutrition to develop hemp extract products that promote overall wellness.

Core Values:

Halcyon Essentials is built upon the values of integrity and professionalism.  Our team is dedicated to creating products that are accurately and consistently dosed, manufactured under sterile conditions, and are a good value for our customers.

About Cerebradiol(TM)

Cerebradiol(™) is our proprietary complex that allows for more efficient absorption of the valuable compounds found in hemp extract.  Cerebradiol is designed to promote healthy brain and immune function.

Overall wellness is achievable when the human brain and immune system are in sync with one another.